So, everyone’s saying tonight’s Obama Show (Everybody Loves Obama?  How I Met Your Obama?) is going to be an infomercial…like it’s a bad thing.  Am I the only one who loves infomercials and will not only happily watch them but will also re-watch ones I’ve already seen?  It seems like the perfect presidential campaign pitch, really.  Infomercials are so full of hope, they really make me think if I can just get their product, my day to day headaches will be relieved and my life will change.  He slices, he dices, he juliennes taxes!  He makes guacamole and he’ll end the war or your money back, guaranteed.

Vote now and we’ll throw in Universal Healthcare! Poll workers are standing by!

Um, this is not news.

Now that I have officially voted, I wish I would turn off all of the election noise. I think I made it longer than most without getting to the point where I almost don’t care who wins as long as it’s over soon, but I’ve now reached it. No tv and public radio helped me last, I’m sure. For the most part, if I see campaign ads, it’s because I sought them out.

Now if there were just sort of parental control feature or setting I could activate to keep myself from checking NPR, TPM, and 538 every half hour.

Signed, sealed, delivered…

I have always been a big fan of going to the polls, waiting in line and chatting with the neighbors, rocking my I Voted sticker, but I have to say mail in ballots kick all kinds of voting ass.

I spread out on the dining room table with my ballot, a cup of coffee, a laptop, and a stack of voter guides from the ACLU, Colorado Democrats, the Bell Foundation, New Era Progressives, and our local chapter of Drinking Liberally. With the dog curled up by our feet, we went through the ballot together. We’d read enough to decide on most things, and the few tricky or confusing ballot measures we looked at the aggregate opinions of the voting guides and voted for whatever the liberal/progressive consensus seemed to be.

So we’ll drop these off at an early voting polling place today, and then just focus on getting others out to vote until November 4th! Seven days! Manfriend will be a poll worker, and I signed up to volunteer in the evening. A big concern is long lines. If you’re in line to vote by 7 p.m. they have to let you vote, so there will be “Comfort Teams” brinking people food, drinks, and entertainment to keep them in line. In 2004, the last vote was cast at 3 a.m.

And then…party with volunteers and campaign staff to watch the results come in. I got a blinky flag pin at a conference a few months ago that I have been saving just for the occasion.

We had a cold snap and my sweet potatoes died. The dog’s still okay, though. He doesn’t sleep outside like potatoes do.

It’s nice to live with someone who says things that make you giggle.