Imagine a land where presidents don’t sprinkle holy water on wars, citizens have good healthcare and governments care about the environment.

Threatening to move to Canada is so 2004. Scandinavia is the new cold motherland for secular liberals looking for an escape.

“There is no national anti-gay rights movement,” writes Zuckerman, “there are no ‘Jesus fish’ imprinted on advertisements in the yellow pages, there are no school boards or school administrators who publicly doubt the evidence for human evolution … there are no religiously inspired ‘abstinence only’ sex education curricula … there are no parental groups lobbying schools and city councils to remove Harry Potter books from school and public libraries … there are no restaurants that include Bible verses on their menus and placemats, there are no ‘Faith Nights’ at national sporting events …”

Not to put too fine a point on it, there’s no God. … Some 82 percent of Danes and Swedes believe in evolution, while roughly 10 percent believe in hell.



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