Ready ready ready, ready to run…

I figured out how to make a one-track running playlist in Garage Band, so I can cut out the fade-in and fade-out on songs and give myself musical cues for warming up and cooling down!  The hardest part was trying to get it from Garage Band to my iPod, because I thought “Send to iTunes” would publish my podcast and I wasn’t feeling keen on broadcasting my heavily-infused-with-N’sync playlist to the world.

We’re signing up for two races in December.  I’ve only done one since we moved here, and it was a short fun run type of thing, no timing or anything.

With the election coming to a close, I should have lots of extra time that had been occupied by reading about polls, studying the propositions, canvassing, and phone banking.  All of that time can now be channeled into making myself look hotter.  (And healthier, but whatever.)



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