Zoom, zoom

After a week of standing at the bus stop in 0°, it was a high of 67° today!  It’s a lovely palate cleanser, even if it’s supposed to snow again next week.  A pretty day in winter seems like a treat.  Long stretches of pretty days in the summer lose their luster when you can take them for granted.  Eyeing the forecast this week, we decided Sunday would be good for a long bike ride.

We rode our bikes over to Garden Spot Café for a big breakfast.  That’s the nice thing about cycling.  I could not have eaten this and then immediately gone for a run.  I could not have done this and then immediately gone for a swim or dived into an intense work out video.  But I totally did eat (almost) all of this and then settle in for two hours on my bike.

American Breakfast for me (that’s Morningstar sausage):

Veggie Benedict for him:

After a bit of a rocky start with a tire that blew out while we ate our breakfast and then several super icy, slippery patches on the bike path, we settled into a good groove and did a total of 22 miles.

There were geese everywhere!  And tons of ducks in the creek, and we saw one hawk.  At one point we saw a coyote wade into the creek, amongst several dozen birds.  (Look out, birds!)  It was so close, maybe 100 feet away?  (I have no idea, my depth perception is terrible.  But I also have terrible vision and I could see the coyote really well.)

On the other side of the trail just a minute or two later we saw a deer.  She was my pace buddy for maybe a quarter of a mile as she leapt and bound through the gully to the left of the trail and I tried to pedal to keep up.  Eventually she pulled ahead and then crossed in front of us to get to the creek to our right.  She headed back from where we had come, towards the coyote.  (Watch out, deer!)  I’m curious about what the coyote ended up having for lunch.

I’d hoped to go faster, but given the icy patches under most of the overpasses that I hopped off and walked over and a few minutes lost when I threw my chain, not too bad.

There were tons of puddles and I realized that while my daily commuter bike has fenders, my road bike does not. 

My bottom is wet and my back is dirty.  My hands and butt were numb by the time we got home.  But I totally feel like I have earned the beer I drank while writing this.


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