Yep!  That is my foot in a high heeled shoe, my leg in a pair of sweatpants, my green dress poking out from underneath my snow dusted parka.  That’s my bike on the snowy road!

I signed up to be on the “Commuter Team” through our local bike shop, Salvagetti.  The deal is they hook you up on gear (I only ended up buying some new lights, but they had a ton of good deals and I wish, wish, wish I had sprung for a Mission messenger bag at such a good sale price) and you agree to ride at least 50%  of your commutes for January, February, and March on your bike (or walk or bus it) and convince a friend to commute via bike 3 times.

I have been pretty good about riding my bike, or, in icy weather, taking the bus.  I think I have used a car to get to work maybe twice?  I only live 1.6 miles from my office, so it’s no huge feat, but still.  My neighbor drives one mile to work.  One.  And then pays to park.  It blows my mind.

So, I’ve been following the letter of the rules when I rode the bus when it was snowing, but last Friday felt like such an accomplishment!  If I hadn’t made the commitment through Salvagetti to ride my bike in the winter, there’s no way I would have been on my bike that morning, even if it was just a light dusting of snow.


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