No, today is not Tuesday.  But Tuesday I had, like, the best cycling-related 24 hours.

Item One!

I blogged about the commuter team through Salvagetti and how it motivated me to ride my bike in the snow!  And they picked up the link and put it on their facebook page, and some other people on the commuter team left me some good high five comments and it was a nice, warm, cuddly cycling community feeling.

Item Two!

That afternoon I rode my bike from my office to the rec center to work out.  As I dismounted and was locking my bike up, some hobo looking kids (am I allowed to say hobo?  I couldn’t tell if they were homeless or more just punk-y street kids…I don’t know, whatever) walked up and one of the girls said, “Did you just ride here in your high heels?” And I said, “Yes.  Yes I did.”

And then she said, “You rock at life!” and gave me a high five.  And she said I had a cool bike.  And that was awesome, because these were cool kids and I am a dorky lady and it made me feel good.

Item Three!

And this is the very best item of them all.  I rode my bike home and, as is my habit, I parked it outside my front door so I could navigate the three-stairs-and-a-turn with my heavy bag without also carrying my 50 pound bike, unlock the door, turn off the alarm, put my bag down, pet the dog, etc.  I then go back and get my bike and bring it inside.


The next morning I was dressed and coated and mittened and helmeted, and I walked to the foyer to get my bike and go to work and I was like, waitasec, where’s my bike?  Did I leave it at work last night? Did I…

“Oh MAN. Oh man.  I cannot believe I did that.  Damnit!”

I peeked out the window at where I had left my bike and, of course, I didn’t see it.  I had just parked it outside of my house and walked away, and twelve hours later, of course it was gone.

Not only was I super sad my bike was gone (was it even ‘stolen’ if I just left it on the sidewalk?), and I’d have to spend the money and time arduously deciding on what to buy to replace it, I also had to be to work in 20 minutes.  We quickly decided I would yank lights off of another bike in our fleet and put them on my road bike to take to work.

So, I walked out the front door and ta daaaaa! My bike, the one I was sure was stolen, was there!  I hadn’t seen it when I looked out the window because some incredibly kindly neighbor had hoisted it up the three stairs and used my bike lock to chain it to our handrail! Lazarus bike!  What once was lost now is found! 



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