I’m only going to say this once.

Well, I’m only going to say this twice.  Per year.  See that clock?  The gigantic clock for the blind on the left?  It’s going to show the wrong time.  For about the next seven months.

First, because it’s big and kind of hard to hang and it’s just not worth taking down twice a year.  Second, because it’s my own personal protest against daylight saving time.  I’m not playing!  At least with this one clock.

Daylight saving time poses a number of problems. It causes lots of people to say  lost of inaccurate things.  That puts me in the position of either making a snotty correction or stewing silently until my head explodes.

  • You’re not losing an hour.  Or gaining an hour.  It’s a net-zero.
  • It’s daylight saving time.  Saving-guh.  Not daylight savings-suh time.  Although you can refer to the daylight that is “saved” as daylight savings, if you’re referring to the time change, it’s just daylight saving.  I always think of money.  You use cash saving tips to stash some extra money, then you can use your cash savings to buy cool stuff.
  • For the next seven months, none of your meetings will be at 8 am MST.  Unless you live in Arizona.  This drives me crazy because people who put ‘EST’ or ‘PST’ after a time are clearly trying to be very precise and proper about their time notation, but they should be using MDT (or EDT, etc) during daylight saving time.  It’s like people who go out of their way to always say ‘Suzy and I’ rather than ‘Suzy and me’ even when the latter is correct.  Just keep it simple and say ‘Eastern time’ if it needs to be said.

Besides all that, I get up early.  I like any extra daylight to be available in the morning, thank you very much.



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