Free show!

I’ve been rocking the gym triathlons since January. Swim in the pool, then head to the cardio room for bike and run. I’ve been enjoying it!

Until Saturday. When I decided that since my first real triathlon is coming up, I should do a for reals practice where I swim in my shorts and sports bra and then run outside to jump on my real bike and then run outside instead of on my nice cozy treadmill.

And good thing I did! Very handy to learn that my favorite sports bra, when wet, triples in size and billows around me as I swim. I’m sure I gave the guy in the next lane an eyeful as I pushed off the wall and my bra plummeted towards my belly button from the pressure of the water.

I don’t even know what to do about this. Clearly I need a new one (my other fave is white, so a no go for the pool). Do you suppose REI’s return policy will allow me to test their wares in water and return if needed?



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