A tale of five first generation iPhones and the girl who loved them

  1. I bought on craigslist about two and a half years ago. A year later, I was at the Apple store with my MacBook and its busted harddrive. Since I was there, I mentioned that my phone’s volume buttons had just stopped working. Like, just then, in the car on the way over. I knew it was out of warranty and it wasn’t a big deal, but I figured I’d ask if he had any tips for me. His tip was…he replaced it for free! Thanks, Apple store guy!
  2. I accidentally left iPhone #2 in an airport bathroom in Birmingham, Alabama. I realized maybe two minutes later, but it was long gone. Happy Thanksgiving, lucky airport stranger! Manfriend got an upgrade and I got his old one.
  3. I left a cup of coke in the cupholder in my car for too long. I tossed the cup but didn’t realize it had leaked and left a pool of coke. I threw iPhone #3 into the cupholder while I was driving and didn’t realized until I pulled it out twenty minutes later, dripping wet, that it had just taken a coke bath. Back to the Apple store for a $199 out of warranty replacement, but the cash register system went down. Another free phone for Mel!
  4. Maybe 30 days or so later, I was taking a bubble bath and iPhone #4 decided to join me. Another computer error at the Apple store. The computer spit out an invoice saying I owed zero dollars instead of the $199 I should have paid for my replacement.
  5. Happy hour. After surviving at least dozens of falls, iPhone #5 slipped off my lap and hit the floor just so.

So I finally upgraded! Joined the 20th century and now have a fancy 3GS instead of a model that came out in 2007. It has a compass.


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