Right before striking out this morning for one of the only rec centers in Denver open on Sunday, I had a serious talk with myself.

Self, I said.  You should bring that hoodie.  It might be cold, or you might want it on your way home.

No way, I replied.  It’s already 59°!  And it’s not even 8 am, I will probably be hot on my way home. 

Sure, but what’s the harm?  Tie it around your waist!  You never know.

I do know I’m on my bike, and I already have to tote my towel, goggles, iPod, etc. on my back and pedal it twelve miles round trip, so anything I can leave at home is great.

So, of course while it was sunny and bright and beautiful on my way there, while I was inside swimming and then running, the temperature dropped 10°, grey clouds rolled in and a sharp breeze picked up.  When it came time to leave, I stood outside, shivering in shorts and short sleeves.  I considered calling a friend who lives nearby to see if I could borrow a jacket for the trip home, and even more seriously I considered calling a cab.  But instead I HTFU‘d and rode home.  It wasn’t that bad.

And while yesterday it was near 80° and felt like the middle of summer, it is currently 32° and actually snowing.  (I also keep thinking it’s thundering, but that’s just my upstairs neighbor who’s not very agile on her nordic track.  Can it even thunder while it snows?)

Anyways.  Grocery shopping, my breakfast, now the weather.  I’m a fascinating read.  Next I’ll blog about my dreams!



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