First triathlon is TOMORROW

Eeek!  My clothes are laid out.  I bought some bagels to have for breakfast.  I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water today to get hydrated.

Two things are making me nervous:

1. The weather.  I had been worried about heat, but nonono.  It’s going to be between 35° and 40° during the race.  Effffff.  I am really not prepared for that.  I keep it cozy in the gym when it’s that cold, and I definitely don’t jump in a pool and THEN go outside to bike and run around once I’m soaking wet.

I’m still going to wear shorts, but I switched from a short to long sleeved shirt, added a light hoodie, and a hat and gloves.

2. The insanely scary hill?  The one that made me cry and want to not race?  The one this stupid course makes you do eight times?  Yeah.  They miscalculated the distance.  The loop with the scary hill has gone from eight laps to THIRTEEN.  What.  The.  Fuck.  And that doesn’t even make 8 miles even.  It makes 8.08.

But!  Either way, I will get to feel pretty badass at the end.  To bed with me! Big day tomorrow.



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