I have been trying to hit an Iron Month since October.  One month in which to swim 2.4 miles, Cycle 112, and run 26.2.  In October I got a bad cold.  November and December lost weeks to the holidays.  January was…not good.  February and March I was a bit shy on the cycling because it wasn’t nice enough to go on long rides on the weekends, and my miles to and from work don’t add up to enough.

But! April.  April was my month.  It included a real triathlon, for one thing.  I was super motivated to be prepared for that, and immediately signed up for another one, which made me extra motivated to train.

I think on Tuesday I realized all I needed was to run about two miles before the end of the month to hit my goal!  No sweat.  I had five days.  In the bag.  Yesss!

But then Wednesday night I wanted to go to a forum for candidates running for city council in my district.  Thursday was a disastrous attempt to run fartleks where I forgot half my gym stuff, went home and tried to run with the dog who pulled me in all directions, then my treadmill was acting up, then I went back outside again, but all the stop and go made my heartrate all scary/wonky so I gave up altogether.  Friday night was a fancy dinner fundraiser.  And Saturday was an all day headache from sweet cocktails at said fundraiser.

This morning I went to the rec and swam-biked-ran!  But today is May 1st.

I ended the month .87 miles short of my goal.


So May. May is my month. 140.6 miles.  10 down (1 swim, 5 bike, 4 run), 130.6 to go.


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