Iron Lady

After narrowly missing hitting my goal to do an Iron Month (the distance of an Iron Man in one month) in April, I was pretty determined to hit it in May.  I’ve been trying to do this since October!  But between getting sick, getting busy, and being a little lazy sometimes, I always fall short in one of the three sports.

But!  May is looking promising.  The progress so far:


Goal: 2.4 miles
Actual: 3.8 miles!

I have made a ton of swimming progress.  I’ve only swam five times this month, but I can now swim up to a mile (if I have time), whereas earlier in the spring I was only going 500-800 meters in a workout.


Goal: 112 miles
Actual: 95 miles

I decided not to ride to work a few days over the past few weeks when it was raining, but a long 23 mile ride today got me caught up.  As long as I ride my bike to work all next week (which I almost always do unless it’s raining) I will be all set!


Goal: 26.2 miles
Actual: 21 miles

Ten days left in the month to run five miles.  I can do it! 



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