Weekend Update

I work hard, dangit, and the past few weeks have been hectic.  I’m not one to count down to Friday (I try to enjoy all my days!) but I do like the free time.  I don’t like to overschedule Saturday and Sunday.  This weekend was pretty much perfect.

Friday night – blew off the gym and a “Bike Prom” downtown.  Stayed home and did this instead:

That finale was pretty dumb.  But while I post pretty banal content on the internet, I’ll save you my thoughts on the plot of Gossip Girl.

Saturday morning – fought off a champagne headache and swam 38 slow laps at the rec center.  Went for a 24 mile bike ride on the Platte trail.  It was so windy on the way back that we passed a number of cyclists who had given up on staying upright and had gotten off to walk.  Saw a turtle and a turkey!  Attempted to refuel with vegan pancakes. 

They didn’t all look this bad, but they did all taste kind of like school cafeteria fishsticks.

Saturday night we went to the symphony.  I thought I had finally found an occasion to wear this ridiculous yellow ruffly dress I bought from Nordstrom like a year ago.  Too dressy for work, not quite dressy enough for a real dress up event. 

I texted this photo to a friend we were meeting there and she approved, but I ended up going with a slightly safer fuschia dress.  I like bright colors.  They make me feel safer on my bike.

Sunday morning – I swam in a frigging lake!  I know that this is something people do all the time and I am not a special snowflake.  But it was my first open water swim.  (Not counting, like, the fact that I grew up in San Diego and “swam” in the ocean.  Because that swimming was mostly jumping around and shrieking.)  This felt like a big deal.

I stole this photo off of the website of the company that hosts the swims on the weekends.  But this is pretty much what it looked like.  The water was cold, worse than I feared, only 55°.  My body warmed up in my wetsuit, but was really hard to make myself put my face in the water.  We swam around the three buoys, a half mile, but s-l-o-w-l-y.  We struck out, then I wanted to go back to where I could touch for a minute, then I sort of side stroked, breast stroked and dog paddled to the first buoy.  The cold was making it hard for me to catch my breath.

I did a bit of front crawl between the first and second buoy by sort of bribing myself.  Like, do 15 strokes and then you can stop and catch your breath again.  By the time I passed the second buoy, I was warmed up and able to swim about half of the last leg sort of properly.

It was annoying to feel like, after spending hours in the pool, taking weeks of lessons in the fall, working on my form, I was flailing around, dog paddling at some points.  The cold, the open water, the slimy mud, the wetsuit, it was just all really different.  At least it was pretty outside.  And I will do better next week.  We start where we start and we work our way up.

Reward for being brave?

Terrible photo, amazing, delicious brunch.  I’ve been complaining about the lack of vegan restaurant options in Denver, but almost everything on the menu at Sputnik is (or can be) vegan.  And not, like, you have to ask a million questions and specify no cheese and please don’t cook my veggies in butter.  You just order the arepas and say you’d like them vegan, please. 

Sunday afternoon involved a nap and a trip to the dog park.  I’m now trying to get motivated to make my lunch for tomorrow but putting it off by writing a long recap of my weekend to post on the internet, in hopes that you will find it interesting. 🙂


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