Monday, Monday

I have spent almost all of my Mondays for the past eight months volunteering with an organization that helps kids go to and pay for college.  And I love it!  The girl I mentor is crazy awesome and smart and she painted me this sweet picture at the end of the year.

But it’s summer!  She’s off to an amazing summer program at Syracuse and I have my Monday nights back until we reconvene in October.

Tonight my options are:

1.    Mad Mondays!  A Monday night happy hour I always miss due to my volunteer commitment

2.    A community meeting at the library about future library funding.  I have all kinds of opinions about this and have been excited to go, but there will be more in the coming weeks.

3.      The gym!  My next triathlon is in *gulp* twenty days.  And I just don’t feel as prepared to kick ass as I would like to.  I have only run five times this month, and running is where I wanted to improve the most.

Edited to add: I brought all my gym stuff to work but I forgot my shoes!  I went home, ran in our neighborhood, and then went to happy hour.  I really wanted to go to the library meeting, but this way I got to do two out of three.



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