Iron Lady!

I’ve been trying since October!  And I finally completed the Iron Man distance in one month.

What’s that?  There are people who do this in one day?  Not thirty days?  Hrmm.  That’s nice.


Goal: 2.4 miles
Actual: 5 miles!

Check out that mileage increase!  When I first considered doing a triathlon, running seemed the hardest part but swimming the most daunting.  Swimming is now pretty much my favorite exercise.  It’s so relaxing!  (And man do I love the graphs on Daily Mile.)


Goal: 112 miles
Actual: 128 miles

About 70 miles of this are commuting on my cruiser/hybrid.  I want to set a goal to ride my road bike once per weekend in June.  I’m going to raise the handlebars to make it more comfortable.  Right now I avoid it because it hurts my wrists.


Goal: 26.2 miles
Actual: 33 miles

Dun na naaaaah, da da daaaaah. [Rocky Theme].  Running is hard.  I don’t like it.  But I keep doing it anyways!  Why? I really don’t know.



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