I can’t believe my second triathlon is tomorrow!  I’m a little nervous.  Mostly dreading getting up early, if I’m honest.

Swim – 500 meters

I don’t really know how to set a swim goal. I can probably swim 500 meters in about 12 minutes in the pool.  I think?  I don’t really time myself very carefully when I swim, and most of my swim workouts are much longer and not going for speed.  Open water swimming is so different.  I swam a little over a mile in about 55 minutes this week, which would translate to about 15 minutes for 500 meters.  But, I should be able to go faster since it’s a short distance.  I think I’ll stick to a goal of 12 minutes.  If I’m off, I’m off.

Bike – 10 miles

If I can keep my pace above 16 mph, then I can do the bike in less than 40 minutes.  The course is super front loaded with downhill and then a gradual uphill the whole second half.  My challenge will be not getting too scared to take advantage of the downhills.

Run – 3.1 miles

The part I dread the most! I’m just really slow.  And my left knee has been feeling wonky for the past week or so.  I will be pumped if I can be below 35 minutes, which is right around 11 minute miles.

I’m going to set an overall goal of sub 1:30, but I’ll be happy to be below 1:35.  Looking at last year’s results, that would put me pretty far back in the pack, but pretty good for the Athena division.



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