I’m not much one for thrills.  I don’t drive fast, you couldn’t pay me enough to do something crazy like skydiving.   What makes my heart race is standing up in front of strangers, with a microphone, spelling words.  

I have been going to this spelling bee, each third Thursday of the month, for over a year! Not every time, but I’ve probably attended at least a dozen and gotten out on a variety of words.  Some I remember getting out on: wharf, flaccid, diocese, peloton.

Spelling is hard!  I’ve usually gotten out on the third or fourth round.  One time I made it to the sixth round, and I was giddy.  

But! Last night the stars aligned in my favor (well, actually the word list aligned in my favor) and I just kept getting lucky with words I knew or words I could make good guesses at.

And I friggin’ won!  I won the whole damn thing.  First place! Squeee!

This gal is named Katrina!  She’s a science teacher and she came in second.

I wish I could remember more of the words I spelled.  Revenuer, borzoi, catchpenny, philately…those are the only ones I remember!  I was so excited, I still can’t even believe I won.  



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