I know good sunsets.  For reference, this was one block from our place in San Diego:

This was my view when I went for a run in the neighborhood:

And this is my parents’ backyard:

Denver doesn’t really get spectacular sunsets.  For one thing, the sun sets in the west (duh) but to the west we have the Rocky Mountains.  By the time the sun is low enough to put on a real show, it’s normally behind the mountains already.  Also, we just don’t get a lot of clouds, and there’s no marine layer to refract the light.  It’s a trade off I’ve just come to accept.  Denver has a lot of things going for it, but sunsets are not one of them.

So this little gem?  This tiny, spectacular light show on Thursday night?  Was amazing.  I sat on my stoop to enjoy it, and I called a friend to make sure she got to see it.  Neighbors came out, and we enjoyed the sky and each other’s company, and I loved it.



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