Crash into me, babe

This is the best photo I have of my tricycle.  I bought it before I felt comfortable riding a two wheel bike (seriously).  Even after I switched to a “big girl bike,” I kept the trike to cart the dog to the park, haul groceries, etc. It’s slow and heavy, but fun.

Last night I pulled out the trike to head to City Park Jazz, less than a one mile ride.  The big basket in the back makes it good for holding picnic supplies and/or the dog.  I felt badly as the slowest member of our peloton, I didn’t want to make my friends have to go slow so I tried to pick up as much speed as this old thing could get. 

And then something popped.  Our best guess is that the bearings in the right wheel seized, meaning the right wheel stopped turning but the left and front wheels kept going.  At maybe 10-12 mph, I was veering hard to the right and couldn’t stop, headed towards the sidewalk, cars, and oh!  A lovely soft bed of ivy!

(Imagine this is me, with an extra wheel, a dog, and quite a bit of greenery.)

Harper dog jumped out of the basket before I crashed all the way, but I ended up face down in the ivy, still somewhat astride my 50+ pound trike, but now horizontal.  Once I realized I was fine (just a few scrapes and bruises) I have never laughed so hard in my life.  Who crashes on a tricycle?  And where did that lovely, straight-from-a-movie soft brush come from?  Five seconds earlier and I would have eaten sidewalk, five seconds later and I’d have hit a Honda.   It was the luckiest crash ever.  My friend assured me, delicately, that even “the fact that you were wearing a dress didn’t create an issue.”  Yay for not flashing anyone!



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