Morning swimming blows

I’m definitely a fan of the motto, “You never regret a workout.”  I mean, it’s true!  

So I was trying to channel that mantra when my alarm went off at 5 this morning.  My swimsuit was laid out, my googles and cap were in my bag.  Clif bar on the counter.  I knew once I got going I’d feel good.  

Except I totally didn’t.  Here was my morning:

5 am – Alarm goes off.

5:02 – Out of bed, eat Clif bar, don swimsuit and sweatpants, put lunch and clothes in my bag.

5:13 – Stumble out the door, on my bike!

5:25 – Pull up.  Park my bike, find my pass, up the escalator.

5:27 – Try to get myself out of the chattyness of the front desk guy.

5:35 – Stuff in locker! Clothes hung up!  Shower! Get in the pool! 

5:40-6:12 – Swim, swim, swim.  Feel heavy, slow, and generally like death until the last 10 minutes. Stopped at 5:50 momentarily so a swim instructor could fish a moth out of the pool who was swimming my way!

6:15 – Out of the pool, dry off, head to the shower

6:24 – Showered.  Gym shampoo kind of sucks  Comb hair. Tangly because the gym conditioner sucks, too. Blow dry.

6:30 – Still blow drying!

6:35 – Still blow drying. Ugh.

6:40 – Still blow drying, but running out of time.  Leave hair slightly damp and put on makeup and dress.

6:47 – Grab gear, head out, get my bike off the rack, and walk two blocks to work. (The street is one way, so I can’t ride my bike.)

6:59 – Arrive at work, just on time.

So, that’s two hours.  Two hours of being sleepy, sluggish, and rushed for about 30 minutes of a mediocre workout.  Yep, I’ve got some regrets!



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