she was disarming: An open letter to my fellow cyclists

I get it. I really do. I yell at cyclists going the wrong way down one way streets. I signal. I typically rock at least three bike lights. I announce my pass. But I still run red lights on my bike. I slow down, and I look, and if it’s clear, then I go. Because I am not heavy enough to trip the sensors to make the light turn, for one thing.Two, because Denver does all-way pedestrian crossings, and I go to work early enough that I come to intersections like this when there is maybe one or two pedestrians, usually none, and I can safely proceed. And three, honestly, because I have a 1.6 mile commute with a a total of fourteen stoplights. Mostly ones where I face no cross traffic. Stopping at every traffic light could literally double my commute time. It’s just silly.Even this blogger’s long rant about following the rules concedes that stop signs should be treated like yields. The message being, “The rules I choose to break are okay. The rules everyone else chooses to break means they are danger-craving maniacs.”


[Note: Most people who read this will already be aware of these things. I’ll probably be preaching to the choir. But I had to get it out anyway. And I don’t care if it sounds like a lecture. You know how it is.]This morning was like any other. I sat stopped at a red light while cyclist after…


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