So, my sister is getting married.  This means a few things for me.

1. An expensive bridesmaid dress for me that I will never wear again.

2. My sister, who is a total tomboy, asked me to do her makeup since I’m kind of the only woman in the family who wears any.  Which I am a little nervous about.

3. It somehow fell to me to receive the RSVP cards.

Is the RSVP thing traditional?  For them to be mailed to the maid of honor?  I did not think so.  For one thing, it just seems to add an unnecessary geographical wrench to the mix.  My sister lives in Washington, the wedding is in Minnesota, the return address on the invitations is my parents’ house in Texas, and the RSVPs are on their way to Colorado.

On their way to the wrong address in Colorado as well.  For reasons unknown to me, my mother googled my address and somehow ended up on my street address but with a ‘South’ in it.  So, instead of coming to 1234 Mel Street, 80205, it’s headed to 1234 Mel Street, 80213.  Which is really 1234 South Mel Street.  But I’m guessing the zip code will overrule the lack  of ‘South.’

So I wrote kind of an awkward letter and dropped it in the mail on Wednesday.  Dear people who live at the OTHER 1234 Mel Street, please help me out.  Love, Mel.

I hope it works!



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