Running for Exercise?

Here is a fun game to play the next time you are out and about and you see someone running.  The game is called “Running for Exercise?”  When said aloud, it’s pronounced, “Running for Exercise Question Mark?”

Because when you see people running, they might look like this:

Running for exercise

Or they might look like this:

Not running for exercise

And sometimes it’s in between and you can’t tell.

The best game of “Running for Exercise?” happened when Chris and I were eating breakfast one cold Saturday morning last winter at our favorite, favorite diner.  We saw, out the window, a gentleman running down the street.  He was going at a pretty quick pace (not sprinting, that’s usually “Running to Catch the Bus”, but a good clip) and seemed to be wearing pretty short shorts and a t-shirt.  “Definitely running for exercise,” Chris said, and I concurred.  As he got closer, though, we saw that his short shorts were actually boxer shorts, and he was barefoot. “Um, not running for exercise.  And should we see if he needs help…?”  But he was gone.  Date gone awry?  Late night when he needed to be at work?  We’ll never know.

“Running for Exercise?”!  It’s more fun than it sounds.  And once you start you can’t ever stop playing. 



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