Last month I got super lucky.  I played in the monthly spelling bee (for fun, in a bar) I always enter, and the stars aligned and I friggin’ won!

Last night I felt really off.  I spelled my first two words right (forecastle, pronounced ‘folk-sill’ and cholesterol).  I got the next two wrong (catafalque and…something I forget).  I bought myself back in once, for $5. The emcee bought me back in the second time because when I asked for a sentence it was a sad sentence about my dog being dead (that’s not going to make any sense out of context.  Sorry!).

But after that I spelled everything else right!  I don’t remember many of the words.  One was something like retrore or retrose.  Another was decoct

And in the eleventh round I hemmed and hawed and asked for the definition about three times but then finally spelled passerine to win!  For the second month in a row.  Lightning struck twice. 

I couldn’t tell if I loved or hated this photo, so I decided to love it.


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