I don’t know if I’m an old soul as much as I’m maybe just a retired soul.  Everywhere I go, when I find myself most happy, I look around and realize I’m bring down the average age by a few years.

My favorite store is Ann Taylor.  My favorite breakfast spot is a diner where old men read the paper and old ladies pour coffee.  I’ve been logging a lot of hours at the symphony.  I like to swim at the rec center where old ladies water jog back and forth, not letting their hair get wet.  A live performance of A Prairie Home Companion was maybe my favorite “concert” ever.

I walked out of the gym this morning and bumped into a coworker.  She asked how my workout was, and I let her know I ran a little warm up and then went to the 8:15 yoga class, which was a good stretch (which I needed) but not too strenuous.

“Oh!” she said, “You went to the old people with Mexican blankets class?”

I sure did!

Footnote: Why did I need a good stretch?  Because yesterday I rode 18 miles on the spin bike and then ran 5 friggin miles! Only the farthest I have ever run ever in my whole life. No big deal.



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