Oh, hello.

Since we last spoke I …

  • Got a glorious new bed and moved it into a different room in our home.  It’s a bigger room, but like our old bedroom, it contains only a bed, two nightstands, the dog bed, and a ton of natural light.  It’s so zen I can’t stand it.
  • Went to my company picnic.  Got a ridiculous rug burn on my elbow from the inflatable slide.  Felt awkward in my Tyr Maxback while my coworkers hung out in bikinis on the swim beach.  But…one, I could hardly dress more modestly at work unless I wore a hijab.  Two, it was free entry to the Boulder Reservoir!  Damned if I wasn’t going to sneak in a free open water swim.

  • Discovered doing a six minute run/one minute walk combination means I can run much farther and crazy faster.  Like, 2-3 miles at 11-12 minute miles vs. 5 miles at 10 minute miles. What? I KNOW.
  • Feeling much better about the 6.4 mile run in my Olympic triathlon coming up.  Less doomed, more just regular dread.
  • Received many of the RSVPs I worried about so much are starting to come in for my sister’s wedding.  My bridesmaid dress will be here soon, and I want to find a big gold statement necklace to wear with it.
  • Finished another book.  I’m at 16 down out of a goal of 25 for the year.

 The summer has been silly busy.  I look forward to things calming down in the fall.



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