Flip flopper

I am considering wearing my flip flops for the bike portion of my next triathlon. Why?

I should start by saying I don’t have fancy clipless pedals, and I have no intention of getting them anytime soon. Because I like to ride my bike around without having to wear silly looking shoes. Because you don’t get much more efficiency from them. And because I like to move my feet just a bit backwards and forward for comfort on a long ride. To each her own, but no special bike shoes for me.

The last two triathlons I put on my running shoes after the swim, wore them on the bike ride, then obviously kept them on for the run.

It’s kind of hard to put socks and shoes on wet feet, though. If I waited until I was done with the bike, then my feet would be dry and it would be easier to put on socks and shoes for the run. Plus, if it’s hot, it might be nice to have nearly nekkid feet.

In researching googling what might be good or bad about this, one thing I saw was that a big advantage to cycling shoes is that they have stiff soles. This allows for more efficient transfer of energy from your foot to the pedal than with soft soles. Running shoes, with their softer soles, can sometimes cause problems or foot injuries for cyclists. (Probably for more serious cyclists than I, but anyways.)

But my flip flops have really stiff soles! Stiffer than my running shoes for sure.

Bonus: If I wear flip flops on my bike, I will dramatically lower expectations for my performance. “Oh, that girl is wearing flip flops. She is clearly doing this for fun, not to win. I should refrain from judging how slow she is.”

I’m really not seeing a downside here. What am I missing?


2 thoughts on “Flip flopper

  1. Hi! I just found this post and I’ve been thinking about wearing flip flops for the bike portion of an upcoming sprint tri. I think it makes a lot of sense, but what was your experience? Did you get to wear yours in a race? Thanks!


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