22 Days until the next race!

My next race is the Boulder Sunset Olympic triathlon.  I am nervous about this race for a few reasons:

  1. It is the longest tri I have done.  And the longest race I have ever done.  And just the longest workout I’ve ever done.  My goal time is 3:30-3:45.  Even my long workouts usually top out at 2:00-2:30.
  2. I swam in the Boulder Reservoir for the first time a few weeks ago.  The water was a lot choppier than the calm Bowles Lake I was used to.  Did not like! 
  3. The swim start will be in waves.  I haven’t done that before.  The first tri I did was in a pool, and you just swam in your own lane until you were done.  The second was a time trial start, so we went one at a time into the lake at about five second intervals.  I’m a bit worried about getting kicked in the face.
  4. The bike looks insane.  Above is the elevation profile.  The downhill is as scary as the uphill, if not more.  Above is from the website.  But this is what I see:

So, the next 22 days will be all about bike hills!  Well, who am I kidding.  The next 22 days will be all about swimming (because I love it) and spending time worrying about hills.



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