I already had a list of reasons to be nervous about my next triathlon, and now I come to realize there’s one more: It starts at 2 pm.  What?  Grrr.  It didn’t occur to me to check what time it started since, you know, 99.999999997% of triathlons are in the morning.  The only reason I was looking at the time was to be sure it started really early (like, 7 am) instead of later (8 am) so I’d be avoiding the heat.

But no.  I’ll be wrapping up my race after 5 pm. WTF? 

Looking on the brightside, at least I can sleep in and don’t have to get up at 4:30 am.

But on the much broader dark side, what am I supposed to do all morning?  Sit around and be nervous? Drink Gatorade?  It’s just weird.

I emailed the race officials to suggest they make the time more apparent, and they replied, “It’s on the main race page Mel… not sure how we could highlight better.”

I’m sorry.  If it’s not above the fold, I don’t think you can say it’s “on the main race page.”  If you have to scroll down past the transition maps, hotel information, pictures of the t-shirt, sample training plans, and three charts of pricing, I’m not sure how you’re not sure how you could highlight better.  How about in the nice white space under the date and location…the time?

It’s just making me feel even more over it and ready to start reallocating my free time from the gym to the couch.


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