My next race is today!  In about 6 hours.  Eeek.  It’s an Olympic Distance—my first.I don’t really know what to expect time-wise.  This race is more than twice the distance of the other two triathlons I have done.  I have definitely trained a lot (my dailymile stats got pretty epic there for a while) but I’m aiming for a 3:30-3:45 finish.  That is a lonnnng time to be in race mode.

Swim-1500 meters

I have gone swimming in Bowles reservoir I think 7 times, and it’s pretty consistently taken me about 42-44 minutes to swim a mile around the buoys in open water.  (Closer to 40 minutes in the pool.)  1500 meters is just shy of a mile, so I’m hoping to be sub-40.  The race adrenaline may make me a bit faster on the one hand, but on the other, I’m going to be dodging feet, and my time doesn’t actually stop until I run up the beach and cross the timing mat.

Stretch goal: 38 minutes

Realistic goal: 40 minutes

I’ll still be happy with: 44 minutes

Bike-26.4 miles

Le sigh.  Stupid rolling hills.  I live in Denver!  It’s very flat here.  But I want to focus on the bike because it’s the place it’s easiest to gain or lose a lot of time.

Stretch goal: Sub 1:40 (16 mph)

Realistic goal: 1:45 (15 mph)

I’ll still be happy with: 1:50 (14 mph)

Run-6.2 miles

One thing I fear is getting to the run and just straight up running out of gas.  Just being pooped and ending up walking a lot.  On the other hand, maybe I’ll feel amazing and the wind will be at my back and I will just kick ass.

Stretch goal: 1:08 (11 minute pace)

Realistic goal: 1:12 (11:30 pace)

I’ll still be happy with: 1:15 (12 minute pace)

Figuring 5 minutes for both transitions, that puts me here:

Stretch: 3:29

Realistic: 3:37

I’ll still be happy with: 3:49

It makes me mad that the bike is 26.4 miles.  The regular distance for an Olympic is 24.8.  It’s only 1.6 miles, but that’s another 6 or 7 minutes, and it makes my Olympic time look slower than others. Oh, well.  The medal will be just as shiney.



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