Sad, Expensive Story

This summer will forever be known as the Season of Ridiculous Mostly Unexpected Expenses

  1. Our air conditioner broke.  $160 Repair
  2. Chris was in a fender bender.  Literally.  New Fender: $300
  3. The air conditioner guy let us know we needed a new water heater: $800
  4. I somehow fried the battery in my ereader: $150
  5. Chris scratched the lenses on his glasses: $200
  6. New bed (it’s a long story): $850
  7. Bridesmaid dress and tuxedo for my sister’s wedding: $450
  8. Plane tickets home for the holidays, purchased five months in advance: $800

And I don’t even want to start adding up race entry fees, open water swim passes, wet suits, bike repairs, and other miscellany with our new triathlon habit.

So when I accidentally splashed champagne onto my shiny, less than one year old MacBook Air, my heart sank.  I managed to fry to sound card and ruin the keyboard, but my bank account was pleading for mercy.  Repairs would probably cost about as much as a new one.

But of course, Apple always come through for me.  The guy at the genius bar told me everyone gets one get-out-of-jail-free card, and they would do the repairs, to the tune of $750, for free!  Summer of Ridiculously Expensive Things is over.  Autumn of Happy Good Luck is here!

So now, I wait.  And repeatedly hit refresh.



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