My sister got married!  To a super nice guy who I like a lot.

I was the only bridesmaid, and I did double duty as flower girl so I ripped some petals off of her toss bouquet and tossed them as I walked down the aisle.  Both of us ended up kicking off our heels before the ceremony even started and I did the ceremony and reception barefoot.  My sister put on flip flops.  I felt like I didn’t do a lot of the traditional maid of honor duties (I didn’t throw a shower or bachelorette party, though her friends in Seattle did) but at least I came through in the last second when she realized she didn’t have anything old!  I have been sometimes wearing our great grandmother’s wedding ring, so I took it off and she slipped in on her pinkie.  Crisis averted.

I felt kind of badly that I didn’t get a chance to shower before the ceremony.  We were at the salon all morning for hair and nails, and then my mom and my sister both wanted me to do their makeup.  It just felt kind of rude to stand up as someone’s maid of honor looking less than completely polished.  But, it was crazy hot inside the old church anyways, so everyone was melting in ten minutes.  I ended up being glad I didn’t waste time. 

The wedding photographer took about a zillion photos in the church (literally, it was like an hour and a half).  I wish they’d just taken them right outside on front of this cornfield that was next to the church parking lot.  It was cooler outside, and I thought it was a neat backdrop, but this is the only photo I got.

Since we were in Minnesota for five days, I went over to my grandma’s old neighborhood and took my nephew to the park kitty corner from her house.  I used to play here every day in the summer.  I couldn’t see her front door from the swings, but I could hear the screen door slam and her holler, “Melissa Lynn!”

These see-saws didn’t have the tires under them when I was little.  We used to try to bounce each other on the ground as hard as we could.  They’ve made this park a lot safer (the stuff I played on was old and rickety, but hey, I didn’t get hurt).

I brought workout clothes and big goals, but I only ended up going for one short run.  It was weird to run on a dirt road next to corn fields.  It was really different from the urban environment I was used to, and the one or two cars that went by kicked up some pretty big dust clouds.  I found myself wondering how people train for long races here.  Do they just run on these country roads?  Is it safe to bike on these roads?  There are obviously tons of lakes, but are any set up for measured distance swimming?

Chris and I ended up killing some time wandering around historic downtown Alexandria one afternoon.  It was a neat spot, and I wondered again what it would be like to live there.  I spent a ton of time here as a kid, but I don’t remember it well.  I am trying not to spend money after a disastrously expensive summer, but I tried on this dress and texted a picture to my friend, “Cute or too morman?”  She replied “mormon cute” but then told me I wasn’t allowed to wear it with a floppy hat.  I really liked it, so it came home with me.  It wasn’t expensive, and I’ve been on the hunt for maxi dresses that don’t have stupid spaghetti straps

I was excited every time I saw someone riding their bike this whole trip, just because rural Minnesota isn’t super bikeable (like, where my Grandma lived was 12 miles away, by interstate,  from a grocery store).  I was pumped to see this guy, and even more pumped when I realized he was giving his cat a ride on his shoulder!  There was much scrambling with phones to snap this photo.

Fun weekend.  It was good to see family, even if I did have to answer “When are YOU getting married?” nine zillion times.  (My standard answer, “I’m not really interested in getting married, but you’re more than welcome to buy us towels if you like.”  Followed by a heavy internal eye roll.)



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