Triathlon FAIL Post Mortem

I know it’s kind of silly, but the only reason I even finished my last race was because I’d been talking about for ages and I couldn’t imagine having to tell the story of giving up a dozen times.  And the medal.  Most of the races I’ve done don’t have medals, but now I have two.  We thought maybe this one was supposed to double as a bottle opener, but no such luck.

Here are some things that went wrong:

  • The gears on my bike are cranky and the front gears only shift with great cajoling and pleading.  Not great when combined with fairly steep rolling hills.
  • I didn’t spend a lot of time on my actual bike in training, though I logged a lot of time on the spin bike at the gym and the exercise bike in my house.
  • This was a serious friggin’ race.  There was no one else rocking clothes (and bike) from Target.  I was intimidated, a little over my head.
  • It started in the afternoon.  So I had all morning to be nervous.  I used up all my adrenaline pacing around in my house and had none left by the time I got to the race.
  • I think I was dehydrated.  Warning, possibly more than you want to know, but even though I drank a water bottle full of gatorade on the bike and drank water and/or gatorade at every aid station, I didn’t have to pee until later that evening, after I’d had two beers.  I don’t know how this is possible since I drink water all day long like it’s my job, but there you go.
  • Never have time goals for your first time doing a distance!

Additionally, I just want to point out that this was a slow race overall.  The organization put on the exact same race in June with the only difference being that it started in the morning instead of in the afternoon.  The first place men and women’s times were about ten minutes slower, and I spotted a few names of people who did both races and found six people who were faster in June than in August.  Starting in the afternoon is just not fun.

So!  I have my last race of the season tomorrow, a sprint in Longmont.  No time goals.  I want to PR in fun.  I mean, I have a general idea of how fast I will end up going, but my only goal is to not be crabby and mopey at the finish line. 


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