Yeah.  That happened.  Clothes on dogs? No way. Costumes on dogs? Yes, yes, yes.  In my defense, I only made him wear it long enough to snap a few photos.

I like being right

I was right about several things yesterday.

One, my afternoon involved drinking, so I did not end up running.  We went to MDPL’s annual”Murder on Broadway” fundraiser.  The premise was that a cereal spokesbunny (think…the rabbit on the Trix box) had been murdered and a host of other cereal spokespeople were suspect.  There was Krunchy the Cougar, Mellow, the hippy selling organic, sugar-free cereal, Boggy the Frog shilling basil cereal that made your milk turn green, etc.  The game started with a viewing of the crime scene: 

Then walking up and down South Broadway, finding the characters in local businesses, and then questioning them until you figured out who committed the crime.

I generally feel little icky about “Murder Mystery Parties.” Murder is serious and gross and sad and scary, and not generally something to make light of.  I mean, you would never throw a “Rape Mystery Party,” right?  But it was for a good cause and that it was hokey and essentially about cartoon-like characters, I felt a little less skeeved.  It was a fun way to check out some places I have never been. (I almost swooned when I walked into Beatrice and Woodsley and I will be there for brunch this Saturday.)

Two, I totally followed through with my plan for a slow, girl-talk-y run, Sunday morning yoga class, and followed by an epic breakfast and crossword puzzle.

I don’t know why I’m being so link-y.  Just feeling fancy, I guess.

Spending the rest of the afternoon with my book club book (The Leftovers) because the sooner I finish it, the sooner I get to start the new Steve Jobs biography.

The universe.

It’s conspiring against me.  At least it’s conspiring against my dreamy goal of running a half marathon next spring.  I’m not even to part where I need to really train.  I just want to run two or three times a week.  But.

Monday – I volunteer.  I leave home at 6:30 am and get home around 9 pm.  Then I sleep.

Tuesday – I swam for about thirty minutes. Didn’t run because I was so sore from Sunday’s yoga class it hurt to do anything else.

Wednesday – I was pumped to spend some quality time with the treadmill.  Got to the gym after work, realized I forgot my headphones.  Only had an hour before I had to be somewhere else, so I didn’t have time to head back to my office to get them.

Thursday – Still had all my stuff in my bag, was still looking forward to Jeopardy on the treadmill.  Instead spent the evening throwing together something for my Halloween costume for work yesterday.

Friday – Went to happy hour with coworkers.

Today – slept late, realized I needed to be somewhere at 1:30 and had an errand I had vowed to get done today.  Considered running outside, decided to use my own treadmill so I could take walk breaks and read my book club book (due Tuesday) at the same time.  Discovered stupid thing won’t turn on.  Decided to blog about how I can never seem to make running happen instead. Pretty sure the thing I’m headed to will involve beer, so today’s out.

Tomorrow: 9:30 am: running! 10:30 am: yoga! 11:45 am: epic breakfast.  It’s happening!

And my Halloween costume? Decidedly Unsexy Librarian.

Gratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday! Icicle Edition.

This was me when I got to work a few minutes ago.

It’s snowing!  Which I enjoy.  And when I said that the other day, someone asked me something like, “Oh, because you like to ski or…?” And I had to sort of sheepishly say, “Oh, um. No. Because it’s pretty. And it’s Christmas. And Mittens.” Hrrrm.  I’m a child of Southern California, and even after a few years in Denver it just seems cool, and I get excited.

I was not, however, excited that my riding-to-work-in-the-snow skills are a bit rusty.  A scarf would have been good.  The snow was stinging my face.  And duh, tuck your hair into your jacket, Mel.  Or at least don’t waste time blow drying your hair if you’re just going to let it get icy and wet anyhow.

Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Wednesday: Riding a bike in Fort Collins Edition!

Not totally gratuitous because it is related to something that was on my mind yesterday, and that’s that I never see other cyclists who look like me:

  • A lady
  • Dressed reasonably nicely for work
  • With a helmet
  • And using lights

This doesn’t seem like a huge list of criteria, but I never see it.  One, because 80% of people I see on bikes are dudes.  But even taking gender out of it, I don’t see people like me.  Usually, if someone is rocking lights and a helmet, they’re also wearing spandex, a jersey, or some other serious cyclist gear, or sometimes just jeans or more casual clothes.  If I see someone dressed like me, in a dress or work pants, they’re almost never wearing a helmet and rarely do they have lights.  Why is that?  I commute downtown.  There should be a ton of me’s.

It makes me feel like a lonely weirdo cyclist.

Booklovers Ball 2011

Booklovers Ball 2011! The best one yet, I think.  Every year Chris’s hair gets longer and my earrings get bigger.  Maybe next year I will buy a new dress, or maybe I’ll just keep wearing this one until it falls apart.

In years past, we’ve gotten ready separately. After living together for six years, a little bit of the magic tends to fade, so it’s nice to get gussied up and have a bit of a reveal moment rather than letting him see me in curlers while I pluck my eyebrows.  But that was not this evening, instead we played LMFAO and I danced around in curlers. (Which didn’t take well because I didn’t have time to wash my hair. Oh, well).  Sometimes getting ready by yourself is lonely.

Got to the central library! Each year we know more people and it’s more fun to ooh and ahh over people you know, decked out in their formalwear.  We had gone to the District 8 running club with our city council person that morning, so after hanging out with our City Council rep Albus Brooks in running gear, we got to hang out again in tuxes and evening gowns, and he and I actually “got low” on the dance floor to “Apple Bottom Jeans.”  If you haven’t yelled “She turned around and gave that big booty a smack” with someone you voted for, you are missing out, because that is a special kind of fun.

Annnd, highlight of the evening, after trying to spot him the past few years, I finally got to chat up John Hickenlooper! (Squeeeeee!)  He attended the past two years as Mayor and this year as Governor, but I’ve never actually gotten a chance to say hello.  We ended up in line at the bar together, and I stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, my name’s Mel.  I have a little crush on you.  I also voted for you!”  He thanked me for the vote and asked me about where I work and we chatted about my company for a while.  He was so nice.  I love that man.

Dinner was delicious veggies with a sweet potato mash situation.  Last year’s veggie option was kind of gross, so we had “pre-partied” with some whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce, but everything this year was delicious.  The spaghetti plus eating my dinner is probably why, despite the open bar and my affinity for free champagne (well, free with purchase of a $150 ticket) I ended the night feeling rather sober.

But still, we wanted to take a cab home, because I wasn’t about to drive after having…seven or eight drinks?  We didn’t factor in Great American Beer Fest, though, so the wait for a cab was over an hour! Instead we walked a mile to grab a beer at the Bulldog and then another mile home.  It was warm and pleasant and people are really friendly when you are randomly walking around downtown in formalwear.  I should have logged that trek into dailymile.  I could use the extra miles lately, my graph looks sad.

Cheers, DPL!  Thanks for the good time.  See you next year.

Why not just type it?


Truly…what is the deal?

Because writing something down and holding it up for the world to see still seems incredibly heartfelt and appealing. Protest message or declaration of love, we still love the idea of putting magic marker to posterboard, just not actually having to go outside to have people read it. It’s kind of chilly.

I had one of the most perfect weekends ever.  I know this is the internet and anything from five days ago is so five days ago, but check it:

  • Wine tasting at Marzyck’s with a small group Friday night.
  • Dinner at Park & Co. with the same group.
  • Planning to go to running club Saturday morning, but not actually having to go since it was canceled due to rain, but still getting mental credit for planning to go
  • Cozy breakfast at Mona’s with a delightful couple (I volunteer with one half).  I think Chris and I want to be them when we grow up.
  • Spent the rainy day under the covers.  Buckled down and powered through most of the Sync Read book.
  • With Friday night’s veggie burger still on my mind, we took a friend in town for the weekend back to Park and Co. but I got the one with barbecue sauce. Not a lot of opportunity for barbecue sauce in the vegetarian’s life. On a veggie burger is a good one.
  • Cheered on marathoners and half marathoners with home made signs at the Denver marathon.
  • A little dog park action with Peaches and her delightful owner.
  • A round of beers and a little yahtzee at Denver Beer Company.  Which is kind of my new favorite place.  Especially after watching Chris and my friend’s husband geek out getting the “tour.”  It is not a place that offers tours.  I’m not really sure what happened there.  Some dude thing happened.

Blogging goes on the long list of things I enjoy but am not particularly good at. (Dancing. Spelling. Triathlons. Putting on makeup.)  Things happen and I want to remember them and document them and put them out there for the world to see, if the world cares at all to take a look.  I just don’t sit down to do it, and then when I do I feel pressure to tell some amazing story, and then I just buckle under the pressure and make a bulleted list.

Also, you’re supposed to have photos, right? I have photos of none of this.  But here is the dog we are watching this weekend, Winslow.  WInslow barks, but he makes up for it with his silly monkey underbite.

Denver Rock N Roll Marathon 2011


Worst Parade Ever!

And hers:

I don’t even know you but I am so proud of you!

He got more laughs, requests for photos, and “Best sign ever!”s from racers.  But I got an actual hug from a runner, and a lot of smiles and mouthed “thank yous,” especially after we moved from cheering at mile 4.5 to cheering at mile 10.5.

Spectating at the Denver Rock N Roll full and half marathon, making a big ruckus, cheering and ringing our bells, was one of the funnest things I have done in a long time.  Because it was inspiring to see people take on such a huge endeavor and amazing to feel like maybe you made it a little easier, like maybe people smiled and felt a little less like dying as they trudged toward mile 11.  We each held one sign, and then we made a few others and left them propped up against sign posts like “I bet this seemed like a good idea six months ago” and “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon,”

I wish I had taken a million more photos, but I’m sure they will pop up all over online, including maybe pictures racers took of us!  Strange to think we might be part of someone else’s “race recap.” It makes me never want to actually run a half or full because it felt so, so, so good to cheer.

Also, not to be…whatever, like no we didn’t run 13 or 26 miles, but we walked a few miles, stood on our feet for 3.5 hours, rang those bells, and yelled our heads off.  I’m tired.

I think I am the slowest sync read reader! It has been a busy few weeks but I’m in the home stretch—last 100 pages. I ventured out for brunch this morning and have to head out again for dinner soon, but in between I spent the rainy day in bed with Lenny and Eunice.