Book Lover’s Ball!

It’s that time of year again.  Book Lover’s Ball!  The Denver Friends of the Library throw a huge black tie fundraiser every year at the central library downtown.  Cocktails in the children’s library, dinner up in the stacks, and then dancing in the main hall. So. Much. Fun.  This will be our third year.



Of all the things I want to spend money on, formalwear is towards the bottom.  I’d love to have a new gown, but I can’t justify spending $200 on a dress I’d wear for six hours when I could spend it on a new phone that I would use four six hours a day. (Exaggerating.  But just a little.)  I actually love this dress anyways.  The first year we went it was a black and white ball, and you know what’s on sale in October?  White dresses, folks.  Plus, just to brag a little, it looks better on me than on the model.

Sorry, blonde lady.  You’re good at other things, I’m sure.  Not so much at filling out this dress.

But while I will be sporting my same thing from the last two years Chris is actually the one getting a new outfit.  He’s rented a tux from Duman’s the past two years and finally bought one of his very own.  He’s most excited about his new bowtie.

End of the night, I hope we end up at the Bulldog again, but that we don’t try to walk home this time.

And even though last year’s Book Lover’s Ball hangover helped me discover Modern Family, I’d rather not spend another Sunday sitting in the dark drinking Pedialyte, so I think we’ll keep the dress and the after-party but skip that particular piece of the tradition.



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