Denver Rock N Roll Marathon 2011


Worst Parade Ever!

And hers:

I don’t even know you but I am so proud of you!

He got more laughs, requests for photos, and “Best sign ever!”s from racers.  But I got an actual hug from a runner, and a lot of smiles and mouthed “thank yous,” especially after we moved from cheering at mile 4.5 to cheering at mile 10.5.

Spectating at the Denver Rock N Roll full and half marathon, making a big ruckus, cheering and ringing our bells, was one of the funnest things I have done in a long time.  Because it was inspiring to see people take on such a huge endeavor and amazing to feel like maybe you made it a little easier, like maybe people smiled and felt a little less like dying as they trudged toward mile 11.  We each held one sign, and then we made a few others and left them propped up against sign posts like “I bet this seemed like a good idea six months ago” and “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon,”

I wish I had taken a million more photos, but I’m sure they will pop up all over online, including maybe pictures racers took of us!  Strange to think we might be part of someone else’s “race recap.” It makes me never want to actually run a half or full because it felt so, so, so good to cheer.

Also, not to be…whatever, like no we didn’t run 13 or 26 miles, but we walked a few miles, stood on our feet for 3.5 hours, rang those bells, and yelled our heads off.  I’m tired.



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