I had one of the most perfect weekends ever.  I know this is the internet and anything from five days ago is so five days ago, but check it:

  • Wine tasting at Marzyck’s with a small group Friday night.
  • Dinner at Park & Co. with the same group.
  • Planning to go to running club Saturday morning, but not actually having to go since it was canceled due to rain, but still getting mental credit for planning to go
  • Cozy breakfast at Mona’s with a delightful couple (I volunteer with one half).  I think Chris and I want to be them when we grow up.
  • Spent the rainy day under the covers.  Buckled down and powered through most of the Sync Read book.
  • With Friday night’s veggie burger still on my mind, we took a friend in town for the weekend back to Park and Co. but I got the one with barbecue sauce. Not a lot of opportunity for barbecue sauce in the vegetarian’s life. On a veggie burger is a good one.
  • Cheered on marathoners and half marathoners with home made signs at the Denver marathon.
  • A little dog park action with Peaches and her delightful owner.
  • A round of beers and a little yahtzee at Denver Beer Company.  Which is kind of my new favorite place.  Especially after watching Chris and my friend’s husband geek out getting the “tour.”  It is not a place that offers tours.  I’m not really sure what happened there.  Some dude thing happened.

Blogging goes on the long list of things I enjoy but am not particularly good at. (Dancing. Spelling. Triathlons. Putting on makeup.)  Things happen and I want to remember them and document them and put them out there for the world to see, if the world cares at all to take a look.  I just don’t sit down to do it, and then when I do I feel pressure to tell some amazing story, and then I just buckle under the pressure and make a bulleted list.

Also, you’re supposed to have photos, right? I have photos of none of this.  But here is the dog we are watching this weekend, Winslow.  WInslow barks, but he makes up for it with his silly monkey underbite.



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