Booklovers Ball 2011

Booklovers Ball 2011! The best one yet, I think.  Every year Chris’s hair gets longer and my earrings get bigger.  Maybe next year I will buy a new dress, or maybe I’ll just keep wearing this one until it falls apart.

In years past, we’ve gotten ready separately. After living together for six years, a little bit of the magic tends to fade, so it’s nice to get gussied up and have a bit of a reveal moment rather than letting him see me in curlers while I pluck my eyebrows.  But that was not this evening, instead we played LMFAO and I danced around in curlers. (Which didn’t take well because I didn’t have time to wash my hair. Oh, well).  Sometimes getting ready by yourself is lonely.

Got to the central library! Each year we know more people and it’s more fun to ooh and ahh over people you know, decked out in their formalwear.  We had gone to the District 8 running club with our city council person that morning, so after hanging out with our City Council rep Albus Brooks in running gear, we got to hang out again in tuxes and evening gowns, and he and I actually “got low” on the dance floor to “Apple Bottom Jeans.”  If you haven’t yelled “She turned around and gave that big booty a smack” with someone you voted for, you are missing out, because that is a special kind of fun.

Annnd, highlight of the evening, after trying to spot him the past few years, I finally got to chat up John Hickenlooper! (Squeeeeee!)  He attended the past two years as Mayor and this year as Governor, but I’ve never actually gotten a chance to say hello.  We ended up in line at the bar together, and I stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, my name’s Mel.  I have a little crush on you.  I also voted for you!”  He thanked me for the vote and asked me about where I work and we chatted about my company for a while.  He was so nice.  I love that man.

Dinner was delicious veggies with a sweet potato mash situation.  Last year’s veggie option was kind of gross, so we had “pre-partied” with some whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce, but everything this year was delicious.  The spaghetti plus eating my dinner is probably why, despite the open bar and my affinity for free champagne (well, free with purchase of a $150 ticket) I ended the night feeling rather sober.

But still, we wanted to take a cab home, because I wasn’t about to drive after having…seven or eight drinks?  We didn’t factor in Great American Beer Fest, though, so the wait for a cab was over an hour! Instead we walked a mile to grab a beer at the Bulldog and then another mile home.  It was warm and pleasant and people are really friendly when you are randomly walking around downtown in formalwear.  I should have logged that trek into dailymile.  I could use the extra miles lately, my graph looks sad.

Cheers, DPL!  Thanks for the good time.  See you next year.


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