Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Wednesday: Riding a bike in Fort Collins Edition!

Not totally gratuitous because it is related to something that was on my mind yesterday, and that’s that I never see other cyclists who look like me:

  • A lady
  • Dressed reasonably nicely for work
  • With a helmet
  • And using lights

This doesn’t seem like a huge list of criteria, but I never see it.  One, because 80% of people I see on bikes are dudes.  But even taking gender out of it, I don’t see people like me.  Usually, if someone is rocking lights and a helmet, they’re also wearing spandex, a jersey, or some other serious cyclist gear, or sometimes just jeans or more casual clothes.  If I see someone dressed like me, in a dress or work pants, they’re almost never wearing a helmet and rarely do they have lights.  Why is that?  I commute downtown.  There should be a ton of me’s.

It makes me feel like a lonely weirdo cyclist.


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