Gratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday! Icicle Edition.

This was me when I got to work a few minutes ago.

It’s snowing!  Which I enjoy.  And when I said that the other day, someone asked me something like, “Oh, because you like to ski or…?” And I had to sort of sheepishly say, “Oh, um. No. Because it’s pretty. And it’s Christmas. And Mittens.” Hrrrm.  I’m a child of Southern California, and even after a few years in Denver it just seems cool, and I get excited.

I was not, however, excited that my riding-to-work-in-the-snow skills are a bit rusty.  A scarf would have been good.  The snow was stinging my face.  And duh, tuck your hair into your jacket, Mel.  Or at least don’t waste time blow drying your hair if you’re just going to let it get icy and wet anyhow.



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