The universe.

It’s conspiring against me.  At least it’s conspiring against my dreamy goal of running a half marathon next spring.  I’m not even to part where I need to really train.  I just want to run two or three times a week.  But.

Monday – I volunteer.  I leave home at 6:30 am and get home around 9 pm.  Then I sleep.

Tuesday – I swam for about thirty minutes. Didn’t run because I was so sore from Sunday’s yoga class it hurt to do anything else.

Wednesday – I was pumped to spend some quality time with the treadmill.  Got to the gym after work, realized I forgot my headphones.  Only had an hour before I had to be somewhere else, so I didn’t have time to head back to my office to get them.

Thursday – Still had all my stuff in my bag, was still looking forward to Jeopardy on the treadmill.  Instead spent the evening throwing together something for my Halloween costume for work yesterday.

Friday – Went to happy hour with coworkers.

Today – slept late, realized I needed to be somewhere at 1:30 and had an errand I had vowed to get done today.  Considered running outside, decided to use my own treadmill so I could take walk breaks and read my book club book (due Tuesday) at the same time.  Discovered stupid thing won’t turn on.  Decided to blog about how I can never seem to make running happen instead. Pretty sure the thing I’m headed to will involve beer, so today’s out.

Tomorrow: 9:30 am: running! 10:30 am: yoga! 11:45 am: epic breakfast.  It’s happening!

And my Halloween costume? Decidedly Unsexy Librarian.



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