I like being right

I was right about several things yesterday.

One, my afternoon involved drinking, so I did not end up running.  We went to MDPL’s annual”Murder on Broadway” fundraiser.  The premise was that a cereal spokesbunny (think…the rabbit on the Trix box) had been murdered and a host of other cereal spokespeople were suspect.  There was Krunchy the Cougar, Mellow, the hippy selling organic, sugar-free cereal, Boggy the Frog shilling basil cereal that made your milk turn green, etc.  The game started with a viewing of the crime scene: 

Then walking up and down South Broadway, finding the characters in local businesses, and then questioning them until you figured out who committed the crime.

I generally feel little icky about “Murder Mystery Parties.” Murder is serious and gross and sad and scary, and not generally something to make light of.  I mean, you would never throw a “Rape Mystery Party,” right?  But it was for a good cause and that it was hokey and essentially about cartoon-like characters, I felt a little less skeeved.  It was a fun way to check out some places I have never been. (I almost swooned when I walked into Beatrice and Woodsley and I will be there for brunch this Saturday.)

Two, I totally followed through with my plan for a slow, girl-talk-y run, Sunday morning yoga class, and followed by an epic breakfast and crossword puzzle.

I don’t know why I’m being so link-y.  Just feeling fancy, I guess.

Spending the rest of the afternoon with my book club book (The Leftovers) because the sooner I finish it, the sooner I get to start the new Steve Jobs biography.


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