Welcome back, Mountain Standard Time!

Yay! It’s the time of year that my gigantic wall clock gets to go back to being correct.  I celebrated by harassing people on twitter.

I wish I’d gotten to use this awesome idea of waiting to move the clocks back until Sunday night, because what better way to beat the Sunday night blues?  But my first “appointment” of the day was at 8:30, meeting up with 3 friends for our tiny running club.  I was a little worried someone would show up at my house at 7:30, but I also knew every had iPhones (that would update automatically) and I pyschically predicted that everyone would be about five minutes later rather than an hour early.

Sadly, I had to bail after one mile.  I’ve been fighting off a cold all week, and I had a pounding headache ten minutes in. I did feel well enough to join the post-run breakfast at Spices.

Target run.  Making lunches for the week.  This is what Sundays are made of.

One thought on “Welcome back, Mountain Standard Time!

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