Driving Sucks

I got a flat tire yesterday on my commuter bike.  My first flat ever.  I’ve had tires go low on air, but never popped a tube like that.  With 15 minutes to get to work, my options were grab another bike from the fleet or drive.  Rather than ride my antique tricycle, Chris’s gigantic fixie, or a sorta busted mountain bike, my best option would be my own road bike.  Since it was supposed to snow, though, I didn’t really want to ride a bike that is prone to make me feel wobbly.  So I drove.

I literally don’t remember the last time I drove to work.  (Humble brag.  I know.  Sorry.  Usually I ride my bike or if it’s really nasty out I ride the bus or very rarely walk.)   I think it was a year and some change ago, when we were dogsitting a dog who needed to be let out during the day but was too big to fit through our dog door. 

I didn’t even really know how to do it.  Like, I didn’t know the best route via car, didn’t know where to park.  (I had to pay $7!)  And on my bike, I ride right up to our building.  In my car I had to park a block away, then pay the machine, then put the ticket on my car, then walk to my office.  I had a hard time in the traffic on my way home, and at one point I could not get into the lane I needed to be in to save my life.

Anyways.  This is all to say, I love you Ginnie the Schwinnie.  Thanks for being my favorite bike.



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