Because I’m worth it! To me from me Frye Boots.

If you have seen me at any point in the past three weeks, odds are I was wearing these boots.

After coveting them online for months, I bought these boots for myself as a birthday present. I started to say they are the most expensive thing I have bought for myself, but that’s not true because I have bought myself a computer and a house and a car. They are possibly the most extravagant thing I have ever bought for myself.

I justified the leather (and the cost) based on the reputation of Frye boots as lasting forever. Like, hand them down to your granddaughter forever. So, rather than spending $40 on a new pair of “man-mad materials” every year, I figure this is the last pair of boots I’m allowed to buy until I’m forty (seriously).

Plus, they’re called Melissa Button Boots. My name is Mel(issa) and I have an ardent love for buttons. Meant to friggin’ be.



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