Christmas Card Drama

Moly. Moly!

This month my favorite part of the day has been checking the mail and then opening Christmas cards! And holiday cards, I guess, since so few of them actually say Merry Christmas anymore.

(Ours do not say “Christmas” on them in the pre-printed part. I write Merry Christmas on all of them except for one which goes to my Jewish friend who I know gets frustrated at the pervasiveness of Christmas. I’ve actually known this gal since, like, high school. Maybe she doesn’t even care anymore, but I still do it that way just for you, Alana!)

Since we moved into this house in 2009, one of my favorite random things has been getting Christmas cards intended for the gal who lived here before us. We normally get two or three. And I do not care, they still go up on the refrigerator.

One we always get is from someone who obviously knows her family pretty well, but obviously not her since she keeps sending cards to the wrong address. It always has a long handwritten note that says something like, “I’m so glad your dad’s surgery went well this summer!” and things like that.

The other one we always get is from a family that is a bit of a puzzle. On one hand, they live in the deep suburbs of Denver. Just googled some demographic info on their ‘hood: 92% white, median family income $110k, about 70% of households are married couples (with or without kids). So, I’m just saying. This is a place made up of families who are, in general, terrified of people who live in my neighborhood.

But! The dad is has tons of tattoos, and the kids are named Jagger and Venice. The mom is like super hot, clearly a creative type. They send out these cards with beautiful professional photos, and they’re just a funky, adorable, interesting family.

We got their card in today’s mail. This year, though, something was missing. Their card only featured three people: Mom and kiddos. No dad! WHAT?

“OMG they got DIVORCED” I cried, feeling way more interested than I was by any couple on US Weekly this year, “Or what if he died?!”

Some lengthy googling and facebooking confirmed that my initial suspicions were correct. He’s still alive, so I’m assuming they got divorced. Which is so sad, because they looked so happy in last year’s photos! Which, I will point out, even included a close up photo of their hands clasped, on the beach, his wedding band prominently featured.

What went wrong? They seemed so happy? Whhhy?



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