Race$ Co$t Money

I’ve been getting the races I want to do this year on the calendar. Because even though I’ve been sick this week and glued to the couch, I can still give my credit card a workout!

I can’t say that I recommend signing up for several races at once. It’s good to plan, but it makes you much more acutely aware of how much money you’re spending, as opposed to when you spread it out, registering for races more on a whim here and there. On the schedule so far:

May 6th – Colorado Half Marathon

$265.13 (+$165.84 for hotel)

This is a super popular marathon in Colorado, and they also do a half, a 10k and a 5k. It’s an overall downhill course, so it makes it easier (still not easy!) to qualify for Boston. It sells out months in advance. I agreed to sign up for the half with a friend. She signed up right away. I waited until three days later when entries had sold out and there were only $250 “charity entries” left, plus some ridiculous processing fee. At roughly $30 a mile, this better be the best race ever.

June 2nd – Boulder Sunrise Olympic Triathlon

$57.00 (Plus a mandatory fundraising minimum) x2 for Chris and me

This race was disastrous for me last year. I was so frustrated by the end I was just crying and really unhappy. I’m excited for a do-over on this course, and my only worry is that I won’t be able to get in a lot of open water swimming practice beforehand since the place I go only opens in May and this race is only four weeks later. This event has a ridiculous $10 race day packet pickup fee, but at least they’re offering it this year. Last year we had to drive up to Boulder the night before and then sit in traffic on the 36 on the way home. Lame. I think this race is one of the cheapest triathlons in Colorado, though.

September 9th – Harvest Moon 70.3

$167.14 x 2 for Chris and me

2012 is kind of a big year! Chris and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we both turn 30. We’re celebrating in two ways: one, a vacation in February to lay on the beach in Mexico, and two, completing a 70.3 (aka a half iron man) in September. I sort of went back and forth between the Harvest Moon 70.3 and the Boulder 70.3. Boulder is an Ironman branded event, Harvest Moon is put on by a local company called Without Limits. Boulder is in August (Hot!), Harvest Moon is in September (Still possibly hot). Boulder has the wicked hill on the bike on Old Stage Coach Road, Harvest Moon has some rolling hills for bike and run, but nothing ridiculous. So, it seemed like kind of a no-brainer to pick Harvest Moon. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I don’t think they do finisher’s medals. Solution: I will be ordering our own on the internet. I want a damn medal.

When actually registered, I discovered another incredibly awesome reason to choose Harvest Moon over Boulder: a $110 price difference in registration. Really, ironman people? $250 for early registration? ($277.94 with fees!)$300 after June? Ridiculous. Especially when you’re trying to budget for two participants, meaning we pay all of these fees twice.

Chris has also registered for the Colfax Marathon in May, a bargain at $80, which means our total race-related fees for the year so far:


They haven’t invented that money tree yet? No? Well. This is kind of my thing. I don’t get my hair done. I don’t go for designer purses or jeans. I don’t ski. I’m not super into cars or traveling or clothes or jewelry. Everyone has their one thing they spend too much money on, and apparently being a back of the pack racer is mine.


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