I suppose I will ultimately check in, because I do care about the outcome — it’s the journey to get there that has left my radar completely. Plus, it’s almost more fun only gathering the scraps of information you can’t avoid. It’s curation by inobservation.
This exactly. In 2008 I spent way too much time fretting over politics. And while some of it was fun (Obama’s 100k+ person rally in downtown Denver), some was not (one night in late October when Chris came home to find me drunk and crying about how unfair people were to Hillary Clinton). I don’t have time to care that much this year, nor the energy. And I’m also curious to see what details end up on my radar without me seeking any out. In 2008, if I hadn’t been completely slacking off at work to follow every detail of the election, surely “Maverick” would have made it into my brain, but “terrorist fist bump”? I wonder.

On this year’s elections



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