Don’t Call it a Comeback

I went back to the gym this week after not going for…almost a month. In December, I ran outside a few times, I went to yoga a few times, and I worked out at home some. Working out at home is awesome because you get to wear your random kind-of-see-through leggings. With men’s polka dot dress socks. Because no one can see you.


Anyways. I haven’t been sedentary, but I haven’t been to the gym. I counted ten events on my calendar for December plus I had six family members in town visiting plus I caught a cold right after Christmas. I spent New Year’s eve in sweats on the couch, sniffling and watching Ally McBeal.

Which is all just to say that my triumphant return to the gym was not a result of the new year, but rather the new combination of not being scheduled, sick, or hosting.  And I had to wait for a treadmill on Wednesday! Meh.  I mean, if people want to get healthy we should only encourage them. No hate for the resolution maker! But that doesn’t mean I want to be one of them. And there is still the very real matter of treadmill crowding.

Luckily, no one seems to resolve to swim more. The 20th Street pool is short (only 20 yards) but it’s never crowded.



One thought on “Don’t Call it a Comeback

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